Why choose ShowMyGlasses.com for your eyewear online shopping experience?

ShowMyGlasses.com mission is to make shopping for glasses fun and convenient while 

at the same time ensuring that accurate spectacle measurements and fitting are taken 

place.  Customers get to enjoy the convenience and savings of shopping online as well 

as maintaining the traditional in-person professional service where they make their 



Purchasing glasses online is certainly convenient but it is not without risks when done 

without professional fitting and dispensing.  Ordering glasses online is very different 

than your average online shopping experience.  It is important to know that licensed 

optical professionals are trained in the proper manufacturing, fitting, measuring, and 

dispensing of eyewear. When making a glasses purchase online, the consumer is 

essentially taking on the role of a trained optical dispenser.  This role includes taking 


critical measurements and making decisions with respect to lens and material selection.  


There is an inherent risk associated with making these determinations without the 

proper skills and training.


Potential consumers should be aware of a number of factors that go into converting an 

eyeglass prescription into glasses that are both comfortable and provide clear vision.  


These include:


• Taking an accurate measurement of the distance between the two eyes. This is called 

the interpupillary distance (PD)


• Obtaining the proper measurement of the optical centers (OC) in order to avoid 

eyestrain and pulling.


• Determining the height to place the optical center of the lens in your selected frames


• Measuring how high to place the bifocal (for those patients who need it)


• Determining the most appropriate lenses material and lens index given the patient’s 

prescription, as well as work and lifestyle demands.


• Choosing the appropriate measurements for the lenses to best suit the patient’s 

lifestyle or work environment.


• Taking the appropriate base curve determination to control magnification, especially 

in cases where there is a difference between the curvatures of the two eyes.


• Proper selection of frame size, eye size, bridge width, temple length, shape, wrap, 

material, and overall fit to ensure good comfort and vision with no distortion as 

well as cosmetically acceptable lens thickness.


• Properly adjusting the frame to your face


Before the glasses are ready to be dispensed and used by the patient, a trained optical 

dispenser should ensure that they have been properly manufactured and are within 

acceptable tolerance. Then the appropriate adjustments should be made to ensure the 

glasses fit the patient’s face correctly to ensure clear and comfortable vision.  Poorly 

manufactured or poorly fitted glasses can cause eye strain, headaches, pulling, and 

blurred vision.


One study published in 2011 showed that nearly half the glasses purchased online failed 

to meet the recommended quality standards. These glasses did not meet either the 

optical requirements for the patient’s visual needs or the physical requirements for the 

patient’s safety.  As stated by the College of Optometrists of Ontario, purchasing 

prescription eyeglasses online is not regulated.  In Ontario, selling prescription 

eyeglasses by any unlicensed entity is illegal. 


Our ShowMyGlasses.com platform has been carefully designed to offer you the entire 

online shopping experience to pick your favorite glasses, then connecting you with the 

nearest optical store that carries them.  Your visit to your chosen eye care professional 

then ensures that your new pair of glasses is fitted, measured and ordered accurately 

right in-person for safe, clear and comfortable vision.