The 5 Hottest Styles of Sunglasses This Year.

2016-03-22 18:31:18

A pair of sunglasses is a must during the spring and summer months. There's lots of information available online which details just how damaging UV rays can be on the eyes! 


So you need a pair of sunglasses. But they need not be merely functional! Sunglasses practically epitomize the concept of 'cool', and they are the one item anybody who cares even just a bit about being fashionable van't be without.


Before you go out shopping for sunglasses, check out this list of the hottest styles for sunglasses this year.


5. Aviators

As far as different styles of sunglasses go, aviators are an absolute classic. They never seem to go out of style. With their thin wire frames and large lenses with flat tops that round at the sides and the bottom, aviators look great with basically everything. Aviators are unisex and look just as great on a man wearing a suit as they do on a chic who's wearing flowing a boho chic style dress with ragged ends.


4. Oversized

Sunglasses with oversized lenses are the go to sunglasses for Hollywood starlets who wish to go incognito in public and figure they can do it by covering their faces up with extravagantly large lenses. The thing is, nothing draws attention to a person more than a pair of oversized sunglasses, so this ends up having the opposite effect!


These are not the kind of sunglasses you are going to want to wear every day, but if you are going for a bold look this is as bold as it gets. 


Bottega Veneta and other Italian design houses specialize in oversized shades. Still, if you are willing to do some shopping around online you can find some reasonable knock-offs.


3. Clubmaster

The Clubmaster model originally developed by Ray Ban is characterized by its unique frame. The arms and upper part of the frame are thick while the res of the frame that holds the lenses in place is made out of thin wire. 


 There is a definite 1950s vibe to this style. It definitely gives off an air of cool and hip intellectualism.


 2. Cat Eyes

If you're looking for a design that's a throwback to the swinging sixties than you might want to look into getting a pair of cat eyes. 


Whether it's basic black, colored, metallic, the feline inspired pattern or other animal prints, there are lots of different variations of this style of sunglasses available online and in the shops to choose from.


1. Vintage Round

You've seen these! This is the style that John Lennon made famous. These frames can be dressed up a number of different ways with cross beams across the nose of the frame, side pieces, and other add-ons. In contrast, they also look great with nothing more than the basic frame holding the perfectly circular shades in place. 


Whatever option you decide on going with, a pair of sunglasses really makes a well put together ensemble pop. It's the eye grabbing finishing touch. If you're looking forward to sharing off your new look with the world this season, make sure that you're wearing the right sunglasses.

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