Sunglasses for Spring 2016

2016-02-23 19:16:56

This spring, eye wear trends are all about eclecticism and opulence. With assorted prints and textures to choose from, the process of accessorizing has just become an adventure. The season brings into focus various art forms, which allows people to counter minimal makeup with flashy sunglasses. Because eye wear trends are more innovative this spring, the main reason to wear sunglasses will be for style purposes as opposed to protection from the sun. In any case, there is a style for everyone, from comfortable aviator glasses to flashy wayfarers that accentuate each person’s individuality and style. These are some of the top trends in sunglasses for spring:


1. Aviators

Aviator sunglasses still dominate, with designs available in multiples hues. Designs to choose from this spring include ultramodern pieces from Chanel to frame-less designs from House of Holland that cover up one’s face. Reflective Aviator pieces are also appealing, but the classic teardrop design offers the most functionality. 


2. Irregularly shaped lenses  

Uniquely shaped lenses are unexpected and are all the rage this season. Wearers are faced with the predicament of taking brilliant Avante Garde pieces into real life.  Those that are bold and brave enough can accessorize with blob shaped lenses that appear to have melted edges, or with double-rimmed glasses with different geometrical shapes on each lens. Animal shaped silhouettes are also available, with some designers such as Dolce and Gabbana incorporating dark lenses and colorful forms. 


3. Cat and round mishmash

The cat and round shaped mish-mash incorporate the cat eye and round design to give a flair of sexiness and a hipster effect all in one pair of glasses. This chic combination gives users the best of both worlds as the designs are available in different forms such as 3D and bug-eyed. Adding colorful cat eyes to the top of round dark glasses is a trend that Marni has adopted, with frame colors ranging from pink to blue hues. With this innovative design, the cat and round glasses are perfect for outfits that have colorful spring patterns.


4. Geometric glasses

For people that prefer intriguing geometric shapes that are equal parts edgy and stylish, the options available are endless. The sunglasses are perfect for festivals and quirky over the top parties. Marco de Vincenzo features futuristic designs that are straight out of 70's movie. The geometric combinations vary from square and pentagon combinations to extreme futuristic silhouettes that are bound to make one stand out from a crowd.


5. Detailed Sunglasses

There are all forms and designs available in regards to details on glasses.  From exaggerated embellishments to subtly engraved designs, designers have not shied away from excess. Detailed sunglasses with a superfluity of jewels and floral embellishments add flair and appeal that makes all the difference to an outfit this spring.   


The overall aesthetic of sunglasses this spring transcends functionality to include remarkable art and diverse designs. These designs have added a much needed deliberate dose of boldness and glamour to the field of eye wear.

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