New Oakley Line of Sunglasses

2016-01-24 13:47:55

Oakley, for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, is a California-based company producing sports equipment for men and women. They mostly focus on eyewear, ranging from sunglasses to ski/snowboard goggles and currently hold more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials and other performance gear. Although their products were originally targeted at professional athletes, nowadays anyone with a passion for high-tech eyewear can buy their products.

The new arrivals in the Oakley sunglasses family are nothing short of spectacular. They all feature some of the company’s most wanted technologies and can be used in a wide range of sporting activities, from running, baseball and everyday activities to shooting and fishing. The new collection features pieces both for men and women and show a very nice 2016 touch on professional eyewear.

The new line of Oakley sunglasses for men features rectangular and round-shaped sunglasses. Some of them customizable, some of them not, but clearly all up to the quality standard that Oakley has accustomed us with over the past 40 years since its founding in 1975. The new line of sunglasses contains pieces that can be chosen based on their finishing technique, be it UV protection or polarized or mirror lenses, or based on the activity they were designed for. Of course, these are mostly suggestions and we are sure that you can find many more uses for these sunglasses.

They do come in a wide variety of colors and models. Currently, the new line of Oakley sunglasses for men features 41 products, containing examples from famous collections like Latch, Catalyst or Triggerman. From those with a very futuristic look usually designed for cycling and windy activities, to more laid-back and standard looking eyewear like the Frogskins Urban Jungle Collection, we are sure that you can find a fitting model in this collection.

The women new arrivals are no joke, either. Featuring slightly less models than the Men’s collection, they too can be filtered based on the activity they were designed for. The new addition here are some great aviator models, which apart from the usual high-quality and high-end features necessary for sporting activities also have a great modern look and can be worn outside physical activities. The Feedback line is probably the one which will have the greatest success among enthusiasts.

All in all, the new collection of sunglasses from Oakley brings new models to the table which we are delighted to see. The models brought some qualities we were sure would never change, like robustness and strength, clear high-quality lenses, versatility and customizability. The Oakley brand clearly stood by its principles to produce top-notch eyewear. All these considered the new collection features some pieces which show that Oakley stepped up their game and produced even better sunglasses than last releases. We hope they have a lot of success with the new collection and can’t wait to see other reviews. 

As usual in the last years, Oakley showed us with this release that they are a standard in professional and sport sunglasses worldwide. We strongly recommend doing your homework before investing over 150$ in a pair of sunglasses, but if you do decide to purchase a pair, Oakley will always be a good choice.

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