Hollywood inspired glasses

2015-12-28 15:51:42

More and more Hollywood stars are seen on the red carpet glamorously sporting glasses of all shapes and sizes. It’s now easier than ever to figure out how to pick glasses which are stylish and chic as well as practical. We’ll give you a few examples of celebrities who have rocked this look in the recent past so you’ll have great sources of inspiration for your future looks.

jennifer aniston glasses

First of all, we can’t start any article about glasses without mentioning round, rectangular framed ones. These are the fashion highlight of 2015 and are beautifully portrayed by stars like Jennifer Aniston day in and day out. They work best for angular and round faces and the key to make them work is to balance the size and shape of the frames with your face and features. It is easiest to choose a frame that is the opposite of your face’s shape, like rectangular frames for a round shape. These are the most commonly seen glasses on the red carpet this year.


There are celebrities who walked on different routes, of course. One of them is Zoe Saldana who usually wears a pair of oval cay-eye glasses. These work for a lot of face shapes and sizes, the only thing you need to be careful about is that your eyes should always be in the center of the frame horizontally. These glasses work well towards a more classical look and will surely give you a more traditional air.


Of course, there are different ways to accentuate frames and bring glasses an air of uniqueness. One of them is wearing wire-accented frames, beautifully displayed by Cate Blanchett in her latest appearances wearing glasses. These types of frames bring attention to the top of your face, so be very careful in picking them, so that they complement your natural features and don’t work against you.


Moving on from uniqueness to versatility, two-tone glasses are one of the most common choices for everyone, from everyday people to celebrities. Their versatility comes with the fact that they incorporate both rectangular and rounded aspects. They literally work on any type of face and are the glass equivalent of a man’s white shirt. You have to try really hard to go wrong with them, but you should still pay attention to the way they fit your face. The beauty of these glasses was displayed by a number of stars, Emmy Rossum being the latest example that comes to mind.


Square frames are making a comeback for certain types of people and faces. Anne Hathaway is one of the ones who make them look great, mostly due to the way they work with her oval face. They look great if you sport them in a color range that you don’t usually use, being one of the most easily customizable eyewear pieces.


With all these great examples of celebrities wearing glasses every day, we can see that they are no longer used just for moments when you truly need them. They can be a chic piece in your wardrobe too, while adding to your natural style. The way you choose and maintain your glasses can say a lot about you as a person, so take due time in examining all your options. We’ll sure you are going to end up with a great choice!

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