2015 glasses frame styles

2015-12-28 07:18:40

Typically, people recognize you by your face. The eyeglasses you wear, therefore, form a very crucial part of your identity. The frame style can help you shape your image to people the way you want. Whether you want to look fun-loving, conservative, sophisticated, and youthful or style-conscious, your frame says it all. You will need to put on different styles at different occasions to match the mood of the day. Do not forget that comfort, fit and style should be the order of prioritization when choosing the right frame.

2015 has been a blithe year for fashion trends. Street style fads and celebrity looks have dominated sales in many eyeglass frame stores. Fun designs have led the pack of frame styles making major comebacks. Classic frames have crept back to fashion with vivid details, vibrant colors, and bold shapes. Let’s see some of the stylish eyeglass frames that 2015 has offered.

1. Round

Round frames have become very popular this year. There is a wide variety of round designs that ensure a flattering presentation. From the standard circle to cat-eye frames, round frame styles have rocked the streets. Some round frames feature a larger size and louder colors and prints to fit everyday outfits. The smaller ones provide a vintage feeling. Many people have overcome their shyness in 2015 and pulled off this style since it has become ubiquitously appreciated.

2. Browline

If you have seen the enchanting beauty of Audrey Hepburn, you will appreciate what eyebrows can do to a face. These frames don’t need any special grooming. They mimic super eyebrows and produce a striking and flattering effect. Browline frames have a modern feel that promises to continue ruling the fashion scene.

3. Wayfarer

The versatility of these oh-so-stylish frames is way above comparison. They provide the most universally flattering style for many face shapes. Name it, the nerdy, or cool and fashion-forward look. This is the ultimate frame. It features fresh details like bridge curvature accents and keyhole nose. They are stable and well defined for an ‘I mean business’ look, but still work well with a relaxed tank top and jeans or a summery dress. The popularity of this frame has even got the attention of Hollywood, through Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson.

4. Aviator

This frame has managed to revive itself and dominate the sunglasses scene this year. Their size hearkens back to the 1970s. Their thick rims and colorful designs stress the full resurgence of the 1970s. They are common in neutral, earthy shades to suit the interest of wearers who prefer a subtle style update.

Frame choosing tip: Choose a frame style that contrasts the shape of your face. The style should be scaled to fit properly on your face. An oval or round frame is best for a square face while a rectangular frame looks good on an oval or round face. If your face is heart-shaped, go for a narrow, round, bottom-heavy frame.

No matter what your imagination is for the best style of eyeglasses frames for your face and personality, 2015 had it all. Fashionistas were particularly favored by the ocean of trendy frame styles that dominated the market.

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